Review Request Policy

I’m very happy you’re interested in sending me a review request! I love checking out new books and helping to promote authors. To make this relationship beneficial for both of us, here are my review request guidelines:

What I Review

I am most interested in reviewing and promoting books by marginalized authors.

  • This means PoC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, etc. If you feel comfortable revealing this information, please be sure to mention if you fall into a marginalized demographic so I can prioritize your request!
  • Additionally if your book contains marginalized representation (whether or not the author falls into a marginalized group), please let me know!

My primary interest is adult-marketed SFF.

  • I will review YA. I am unlikely to review children’s and middle grade simply because I don’t read enough of it to be the best person to review.
  • I am also interested in all lengths of stories: short stories, anthologies, novellas, and novels are all cool! 

Content-wise, I’m cool with almost everything (sex, swearing, etc.).

  • I am, however, NOT interested in books with graphic descriptions of rape and sexual assault.
  • Nor am I even the tiniest bit interested in reading a book where the main character is a rapist. Don’t query me with this.  
  • If you are unsure if your book’s content is OK, mention the questionable content in your query and I’ll let you know! I really appreciate it if you ask first.

About Me

I’m an American woman of color who loves scifi & fantasy books and is active in the online book blogger community!

  • I’m VERY active on Twitter (especially in the #DiverseBookBloggers community), where I publicise my reviews.
  • I cross-post reviews from this blog to Goodreads.
  • I swear fairly frequently in reviews, FYI.
  • I will only write honest reviews.


I prefer requests to be sent through email (my email:

  • The most interesting requests will include blurb & relevant information about the book: genre, pub date, publisher (indie is 100% cool!), position in series, any potential questionable content, why you’re querying me.
  • If you’ve talked with me about your book on Twitter or other media, or we’re acquainted through a book or writing community, remind me! I sometimes suck at putting together names with avatars.
  • I may take as long as a week to get back to you regarding your request.

Please be willing to send me an ebook ARC of your book if I agree to review.

  • As a strong supporter of FOSS and avid Linux user, I prefer DRM-free copies.
  • I am extremely anti-pirating and would never share/sell/send an ebook ARC to anyone, and deeply condemn such practices.
  • Please wait a minimum of one month before asking about the status of your review once you have sent me an ARC. The exception being if the release date of the book is approaching.

DNF Policy

While I make a strong effort to complete every book I agree to review, in some cases I will post a DNF review.
  • This will NEVER be because I didn’t have time to finish the book. If I need to move the projected date of a review, I will contact you.
  • I will DNF if the book contains any dealbreaker elements including but not limited to: excessive violence against women, bad representation of marginalized groups, extremely illogical science in SF, heavy-handed “message” fiction, or I just don’t care what’s going to happen next.
  • I will DNF if I don’t see any chance of my star rating going up from 1 or 2 stars from what I’ve seen already. This is usually because you have hit one or more of my dealbreakers.
  • I make an effort to discuss all aspects of the book and explain clearly why I felt I needed to DNF in my review.


Why I might have declined your request

I will decline review requests for Book 2’s (or later) of a series I have not read.

I am a full-time graduate student and have limited time, so I sometimes decline requests simply because I don’t feel I can devote adequate attention to a review at the moment.

Sometimes a blurb doesn’t appeal to me or I see elements that I know I just don’t enjoy. Your book may be awesome, but I’m not the best person to review it!

It is extremely important to me to get to every book I agree to review. If I feel I have enough books for a month and am unsure whether I’ll get to yours, I might decline the request.


If you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to contact me! Email: or shoot me a DM on Twitter! I’m really casual and welcome all inquiries by authors or publicists. Book blogging is fun for me and I love hearing from people who love books too!