Looking Ahead to 2017


A lot of shit happened in 2016, good and bad. I wrote a review of (the good!) of 2016 here. But now, let’s look ahead. 2017, here I come.

Goals for 2017

I don’t usually make a coherent plan or theme for a year. But I would REALLY like 2017 to be a year of Getting On Top of Everything. I know I function better when I have my life planned out to ridiculous detail, so I’m going to try to jump back on the Bullet Journal wagon and get myself together. Because there’s a LOT I want to get done, both professionally and personally, and I’m not going to let this year go to waste.


I want to start writing regularly again. I know I say this every year–and every NaNo–but seriously, self, GET ON IT. I’m determined to finish at least 1 short story every month, even if it’s as short as a 1k flash piece. And I want to submit. In 2016 I submitted a story for the very first time, in 2017 I want to sub at least 5.

I’m still very much trying to find my voice in my stories. The only way to really DO that is to WRITE MORE. As a hyphenated American WoC, it’s really tough to figure out where I land and what I can really claim as mine. Exploring identity through writing is one way I think I can do that. In 2017 I’m going to make this my focus in my writing.

I’m tentatively thinking about writing more nonfiction essays and potentially pitching them to zines. We’ll see. But I think that would be really cool, and I have lots of ideas in my head as yet unwritten.


I need to make more time in my life to read. I think regularly escaping to a fictional world really does wonders for my mental health especially in high-stress times and doubtless I’m going to need that escape in 2017. My Goodreads challenge for 2017 is going to be 50 books–low, compared to many of y’all (my book friends are AMAZING ok)–but hopefully a sensible goal considering how busy I usually am!

The vast majority of those reads are going to be diverse, of course! There’s so many awesome books coming out in 2017, and so many awesome books that are already out that I haven’t read yet. Cannot wait.

Continuing on from the Diverse Detectives month Bina and I hosted in October (recs and reviews here!), I want to read a bunch more mysteries by marginalized authors and promote them!

Something I re-discovered in 2016 is the joy of poetry.  I definitely want to read a lot more poetry by WoC in 2017. I’m going to make an effort to buy a few books of poetry among all the scifi and fantasy I usually buy.


I’m going to review a HELL of a lot more. I’m planning to aim for shorter, but more frequent reviews. So check back here y’all. Feel free to send me review requests for the new year! I’ve got one left from 2016 that I’m going to finish before I respond to new requests but after that, I’ll be filling up my 2016 slots (I plan to accept only 1 per month, thanks to Life).

I am going to start doing mini-reviews of short stories! I love short fiction and it’s well suited to my life. There’s some seriously amazing short story authors in SFF that I NEED y’all to know about!

I want to start a blog series on women scientists and engineers. I don’t know if I will have time to do a post on this regularly, but I’m going to try! I think it’s so important that we know these names and promote the visibility of women in science.

Real Life!

Fight hatred in a constructive way. Take no shit, give no leeway, exercise my damn rights while I still got them. You can join me in a weekly commitment to call your reps on Twitter (as soon as the holidays are over I’m going to be tweeting a reminder daily). I’m working on becoming more informed about local politics and getting involved in my community.

Go to more seminars, learn about more science that isn’t directly in my field, talk to more people! Science is amazing. I know I say that a lot but IT REALLY IS. And I get to be a tiny part of it.

Sleep more. Like, a LOT more. Pet more cats. Buy plants. Actually DO THE THINGS I know helps me deal with my anxiety (/GLARES STERNLY AT SELF).

Code on my side projects! Build something silly! Learn a few more programming languages for fun. Learn a bit of electrical engineering. Make something with a Raspberry Pi. Computers are fun!

It’s going to be a new year.

And yeah, I know it’s mostly symbolic, but I love the feeling of getting a New Chance to try again and improve myself. Like buying a new notebook! Speaking of which … I want a new notebook >.>

Have you got goals or resolutions for the new year? Tell me in the comments, or link to your post! I love reading what everyone else is planning. And if it’s already 2017 for you, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


2 responses to “Looking Ahead to 2017

  1. You had me until programming languages. Chris and I both want to roll into the sun when it comes to programming, but I’m really glad you enjoy it! Get more sleep! I will happily send you many cat pics on the reg if it will make you happier!


  2. Women scientists and engineers? YESSSSSSS! Dad got me “Lab Girl” for Christmas and I’m looking forward to reading that one.

    Haven’t put my 2017 goals post up yet, but it is going to involve a lot more books in translation.


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